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  Commonly Asked Questions

Are you a traveling Thermography clinic?

We are so glad you asked!!! It looks like you have done your homework! We are NOT a traveling thermography clinic. Why is this so important? The accuracy of your thermal images depend on many factors, including the imaging equipment, camera calibration, resolution of the images but most importantly, the condition of the imaging room, where your images are taken. The imaging room has to be at a certain temperature in order for you properly acclimate and for you to receive accurate images. In addition to the imaging room, someone traveling with a very sensitive imaging equipment, providing "mobile" thermography services can not assure this important aspect of thermal imaging. Our imaging equipment stays calibrated in our temperature controlled room, so you can rest assured that your are receiving the best thermal imaging services, as we adhere to strict imaging guidelines, a mobile thermography provider can not. We encourage you to view the Imaging Quality we provide, simply click the link.


Is Thermography covered by insurance?

At this time, Aflac is the only insurance company recognizing the benefits of thermography, reimbursing 100%/annually. You can always check with your insurance company and inquire about thermography. Per your request, we can provide an itemized receipt for you to submit to your insurance company. Also, you are welcome to use your HSA or FSA card for your thermography imaging.

Does Thermography replace mammogram?

No it does not. Thermography and mammography are two completely different procedures. Mammography uses compression and ionizing radiation to detect structural changes (for example: lumps and densities). Thermography is safe, radiation free, painless and touch free, as it takes infrared images with a sophisticated infrared digital camera. Thermography visualizes physiological changes, for example: heat/thermal abnormalities, vascular abnormalities, thermal asymmetries, and inflammation. Breast thermography is used to monitor breast health.

I was told I have dense breast tissue. Is Thermography the right screening tool for me?

Since Thermography does not recognize density as a thermal abnormality, Thermography is a great breast health monitoring tool for women with dense breasts.


Can Thermography detect or monitor a breast lump/breast cyst?

Thermography does NOT detect/monitor/evaluate breast lumps/breast cysts. Thermography can not visualize breast lumps/cysts, since they represent a structural change. 

What are the advantages of Breast Thermography?

  • Safe

  • Painless

  • Touch free

  • Radiation free

  • Breast health monitoring

  • Visualizing thermal & vascular abnormalities

  • Visualizing thermal asymmetries

  • Visualizing inflammation

  • Monitoring hormonal balance

  • Provides thermal indication of possible hormonal imbalance/estrogen dominance

  • Provides thermal indication of possible fibrocystic changes


What can you see with Thermography? 

Thermography can identify a wide range of thermal abnormalities and that is why thermography is so popular. Thermography is used for: Breast health monitoring, thyroid health monitoring, oral health, sinuses, carotids health, inflammation, soft tissue injury monitoring, etc. Thermography provides thermal indications of possible: cardio-vascular thermal conditions, digestive disorders, musculoskeletal problems, estrogen dominance & fibrocystic changes in the breasts. Thermography can help define a previously diagnosed condition/injury, can aid in visualizing healing progress, as well as identifying an abnormal area for further diagnostic testing.

Can Thermography diagnose/detect breast cancer?

No, Thermography does not diagnose cancer, does not detect cancer and does not prevent cancer.

Is Thermography safe?

Absolutely, it is safe. Thermography uses a sophisticated infrared digital camera detecting heat. Thermography is also touch free and painless.

Is Thermography an FDA approved?

Yes! Breast thermography has been approved by the FDA. 

Will my doctor accept thermography?

The majority of physicians in the US and around the world are aware of thermography and recognize its benefits. Countless studies and articles have been written about thermography in the medical journals, magazines and books. 


Do I need a written referral/order from my doctor to have thermography done?

No, you do not. The majority of our clients are self referred. We do have, however, many physicians who refer their patients to us, as they value and understand the benefits of thermography imaging.

What is the procedure like?


  • Before you come in, you'll be asked to follow Pre-exam instructions to ensure the accuracy of your thermal imaging study (the instructions will be emailed to you prior your appointment. For example: avoiding sauna, avoiding exercise, etc. anything that may increase your body temperature)

  • During the appointment: You will acclimate for 15 min (cool down without clothing) to ensure the accuracy of your thermal imaging study

  • The actual scan takes about 5-20 minutes depending on the type of the thermal imaging study you are choosing (breast vs full body)

  • Your images, including your paperwork will then be sent off to the interpreting physician who will evaluate your images and write a report

  • You will receive your report and your images within 2-3 business days after your imaging appointment

How often should I have thermography done?

Thermography can be done as often as a client wants. It is important to establish a thermal baseline (6 months) in order to compare the initial images to the follow ups to detect possible thermal/vascular changes. After the baseline is established, annual follow ups are recommended. Thermography is able to visualize very subtle thermal/vascular changes and temperature differentials, allowing you to be proactive about your health and make lifestyle changes.


I have (silicone/saline) breast implants. Can I have Thermography?

Absolutely! We have many clients who have breast implants, as they wish to monitor their breast health safely with thermography.


I have dense/fibrocystic breasts. Can I have Thermography?

Yes! We have many clients who have dense/fibrocystic breasts, as they wish to monitor their breast health safely with thermography. In fact, thermography can provide thermal indications of possible fibrocystic changes.

How much is Thermography?

We offer various Thermal Imaging Studies options ranging from $220 - $415 to fit everyone's needs and budgetPlease, visit our Pricing Page for more information.

How long have you been in business?

We have been in business for 14 YEARS! We are proud to say that we are the thermography pioneers in the Middle TN area, the first thermography clinic, providing thermography services since April 2010. We are the first and the only non-traveling thermography clinic in this area, providing high definition thermal imaging. We have thousands of happy, new and returning satisfied clients, coming to us from Tennessee and the surrounding states.

How do I schedule an appointment?

  • You can call our office directly at 615-705-5333/voicemail

  • You can email us at

  • You can fill out the contact us form on our Contact Us page and send us a message (preferred)

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