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Picture Your Health With Thermography 

What sets us apart, besides being the only non-traveling thermography provider in the area, is our unbeatable imaging quality we provide to our clients. We encourage you to scroll through our thermal images below, as we are very proud to showcase the high-definition, high-resolution thermal imaging quality we provide at our non-traveling thermography office in Brentwood. Not only will you receive large JPG files/printed photos of your color images but most importantly, you will also receive large JPG files/printed photos of the gray scale (black & white) images, which are very important for viewing details and the vascular patterns, especially in the breasts.


Breast Thermography is safe, touch free and painless breast health monitoring tool. Breast Thermography visualizes subtle physiological changes in the breasts. Breast Thermography has a unique ability to visualize abnormal thermal changes, vascular changes, thermal asymmetries, and thermal indications of possible fibrocystic changes and hormonal imbalance 


This study provides clients with more information about their health status. It includes the head (oral health, sinuses), neck (thyroid, carotids), chest, breasts, and the upper back.


This is our most popular study, as the vast majority of our fist time clients choose to have the Full Body as their initial Thermogram, while our repeat clients like to include the Full Body Thermogram on regular basis as part of their wellness routine. You can choose a Full Body without the extremities or a Full Body with the extremities, which is a complete head to toe thermography study, providing detailed infrared thermogram information of the entire body, evaluating the cardiovascular system, digestive system, thyroid function, carotids, oral health, sinuses, immune system, musculoskeletal conditions and the degree of inflammation in the body. This scan also includes the breast thermography.

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